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About Outdoorsy

Have you ever wished that you could find someone to run, bike, ski or surf with? Have you ever wanted to connect with friends that share your love of being outdoors? Outdoorsy can help!

Outdoorsy connects people to get outdoors together by allowing users to explore, create and share outdoor activities in their area. It's always more fun to get outdoors together, so get off the couch and get Outdoorsy!


Outdoorsy makes finding and creating events easy. Gone are the days of struggling to find someone to join you outside.

Outdoorsy is the first and only app that allows you to connect with old friends and meet new friends to get outdoors.


Explore your area to find the perfect outdoor event to attend. Maybe yesterday it was mountain biking that new single track you always wanted to tackle? Maybe today you are looking to finally make it to the top of your favorite rock climbing wall or join a running group? Quickly find the events that are happening right around the corner from you. Use the discussion feature to ask questions and filter events by the activity type that interests you. Now it's time to get off the couch and get Outdoorsy!


Create your own outdoor event and let friends join you! Whether it is running, hiking or surfing someone probably wants to go with you. Invite your friends to join you using our rally feature! When creating your event, select from our event icons or use the question mark to create your own. You can chose to post to your friend or publicly. Select when and where your event will take place, provide some details and Outdoorsy will do the rest of the work for you.

For your security, when someone that is not your friend asks to join your event, they will only see the general vicinity of where the event starts - until you approve their attendance. Your friends; however, know just where to find you and are approved automatically!

Hello Richmond, Virginia

While Outdoorsy is available worldwide, we are currently testing the waters in Richmond, Virginia. We expect Outdoorsy to grow naturally, so if you want to see more events in your network, be sure to invite your friends to join the growing Outdoorsy community. If you just can’t wait for more users in your area, where you want to see Outdoorsy next and maybe we can help!

Stay Connected

Outdoorsy is constantly growing. If you are interested in staying up to date on the latest outdoorsy news, including an Android launch, please connect with us.

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